Commercial Electric Services

From daily needs to massive system overhauls, Catman Electrical gets it done better and with more efficiency then the rest

What We Do

Energy Efficiency

Save Time and Money with Innovative Energy Strategies

Keep The Heart of Your Business Running Smooth

Scheduled Maintenance and Optimization for your future

Cover Your Bases

Quality Lighting keeps your business and employees safe

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Commercial Services

Inspection and Code Standards

Make sure your system is up to code and will pass inspection the first time, every time.

Safety & Exit Lighting

Have a safe and secure work environment, letting employees and clients know you care about their well being in all ways.

Business Maintenance & Repair

Keep your place of work running smooth and avoid costly delays or shut downs.

Panel Upgrades & Maintenance

Save money with optimized and clean panels and wiring systems and upgrades.

Wiring Installation and Effeciency

Make sure your business is running smooth, keeping your energy needs in your control.

Lighting Installation and Customization

Spark life into your business with new and better lighting systems, saving you money.

From Small Local Business

to Massive Facilities


Catman Electrical Contracting

has the experience to make sure you get the job you need,

done right, on time, while Exceeding your Expectations.


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